Recovery Month

September is Recovery Month! This month is dedicated to focusing on individuals and families in recovery from addiction. This is an exciting time to celebrate the successes and the challenges that were overcome on the journey of recovery from problem gambling and other addictions. Recovery  Recovery is when someone abstains from, or reduces, behaviors that Recovery Month

Brain Development and Gambling 

Youth have an exciting period in their lifetime. Their brain is going through rapid and exciting changes over a very short period of time as they prepare for adulthood. This is a time where risk taking is an important part of their development. It is a good time to support youth by guiding their decision Brain Development and Gambling 

Summer and Youth Gambling

Summer and Youth Gambling Summertime can be a great time to enjoy outdoor activities with our families. It can be a great time for our youth to enjoy free time and/or use that extra free time to work. The downside, with all that extra free time, is they may choose to engage in gambling. Why Summer and Youth Gambling

Preventing Youth Super Bowl Gambling

The Super Bowl is rapidly approaching. This football game is one of the most watched sports events of the year.  It is also one of the most gambled on games, and can be a big concern for families with youth, especially with our increased availability of mobile sports betting.. Gambling and the Super Bowl Super Preventing Youth Super Bowl Gambling

Healthy Holiday Gifting

The season of healthy holiday gifting is up on us.  Everyone is frantically trying to tackle responsibilities of work, planning for the holidays, and keeping their family and home afloat.  While all this is going on, people are trying to get last minute gifts, and we want to ask everyone to avoid gambling gifts for Healthy Holiday Gifting

Youth, finances and gambling

Youth who gamble could use money or other tradable goods. One problem with youth and gambling is the inability to make sound financial decisions due to brain development. Therefore, focusing on finances, budgeting, and gambling,  youth gambling is risky and can lead to gambling related problems beyond money. Youth and Gambling Just like any other addiction, Youth, finances and gambling

Preventing Underage Gambling

Preventing underage gambling is vital to healthy brain development for youth. There are steps we can take to help keep our communities safe from problem gambling.  What Is Underage Gambling? We consider underage gambling under the age of full brain development. The average brain completes maturation around the age of 24. Therefore, any gambling below Preventing Underage Gambling

Welcome to YOU(th) Decide

Hello and welcome to our new blog focusing on underage gambling prevention. We’re excited to be bringing you information, resources and actions you can take to help prevent underage gambling in your home and community. Blog Focus Our blog is created for you, our reader(s). Anyone interested in preventing underage gambling is our target audience. Welcome to YOU(th) Decide